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Emil BenatovDear Colleagues, Clients and Friends,

When in 1990 I was among the first qualified specialists of long experience in the intellectual property rights to start a private consultancy, I aimed at establishing a good and prosperous company. Immediately after 1993, when the Patent Law was approved, it regulated the profession of the industrial property representative - a new field for Bulgaria. It was then that I changed my position of a state official with the Bulgarian Patent Office with the freedom and the responsibility of the independent patent attorney.
Now our bureau is a fact and3 partners and2 associates work in its three offices. Our main office is near the Patent Office and our Legal Office is situated nearby the Chamber of Justice, downtown Sofia. We have a representative office in
Ukraine too, and are intending to expand our offshore network. From 01.07.2002 we, having become European patent attorneys, already represent clients from different countries before the European Patent Office.
Our bureau is one of the largest in Bulgaria. Our intention is to cover completely the needs of our clients. We all have specialized in various fields and keep updating our knowledge.

Our slogan is:


That is not a mere statement. The reputation we have gained attracts more and more clients from the country and abroad. Their number doubles from year to year and we believe that this trend will keep firm. At the beginning 100% of our clients were from Bulgaria. At present the ratio between our foreign and Bulgarian clients is 70 to 30.
We have already become members of world organizations and cooperate actively with colleagues all around the world. Many of them are friends of ours and this makes us happy in the large family of intellectual property rights consultants.
In the more than 13 centuries-long history of Bulgaria our bureau is a mere sparkle, which we hope is turning into a discernible light that can be seen from a large distance

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